6.Toward The Fish Breeding in Space (subtitle)

This section deals with my dream of future aquaculture (or fish breeding) in space, and the idea are presented on panels.







7.Experienced Fish Had A Hard Time in Sex under Weightlessness (subtitle)

Before they went to space, on the ground the four adult fish had been kept mating (and laying eggs) everyday. Thus, those four were matured adult fish, with much experience in mating on the ground. The analyses on the video tapes taken in space, have revealed that they often had a hard time in mating under weightlessness. All of the several mating attempts in this section ended in failure, i.e., two fish separated before accomplishing their love: they quited before reaching the final stage (i.e, fertilization). Abnormal mating behaviors observed in space are also included in the video. (See the book, p.24, right, l. 1 - p.26, left, the end).
It has still been my question whether the frequent failures in sex under micro-G was because those four fish had much experience in mating on the ground. If they were virgin fish on the ground, what would have been the result? Still, they needed many failures before the success? Whatever the reason, it is certain that if the fish stayed longer in space, they eventually should become more dexterous in space mating.

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