6 Friends of Medaka fish

From the preparation stage to post-flight analysis, many people 
have contributed to this Medaka fish project. As the principal 
investigator of the project, I wish to express many thanks to 
all who participated in this project. I am especially grateful 
to our fish group members (Hoshio Eguchi, Rie Mizuno, Tetsuo 
Fujii, Yasuko Hyodo-Taguchi, Takashi Yasui, Akemi Izumi-Kurotani 
and Masamichi Yamashita), the payload crew aboard the shuttle 
(payload commander Richard J. Hieb, and Drs. Chiaki Mukai, 
Donald A. Thomas and Leroy Chiao), the staff of National Space 
Development Agency of Japan (Dr. Shunji Nagaoka et al.), and 
people of MHI, JAMSS, TRC, AES, KWE who supported us perfectly. 
Following photos are taken out of my album. People here are 
friends of mine and friends of Medaka fish.

At Hangar-L


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