The First Vertebrate Mating in Space

-A Fish Story

 This is the report on the fish mating experiment, which was carried out in space shuttle
 Columbia, in July of 1994. More than a year has passed by after the space experiment. 
However, we still have been carrying out some of the post-flight analyses, for example, 
on the microscopic examination of the various tissues of some space-originated fry, 
quantitative studies for the position and movement of fish on the video-tapes taken in space,
 and so on. Though such detailed studies are still going on, the main results of that 
space experiment have already become clear, which made me to publish this book. The full 
use of color pictures may help the reader to understand the text.
    November 1995             Kenichi  Ijiri
                                               Principal Investigator of IML-2 Medaka experiment


1 Fish mated and laid eggs in space

2 Post-flight experiment:Effects on offspring

3 Video-tape analysis:All you want to know about sex in space

4 What the fish mating experiment aimed at

5 How the four fish astronauts were selected

6 Friends of Medaka fish

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